Concrete Culverts Tunnel Wet Shotcrete Spraying Machine

Concrete Culverts Tunnel Wet Shotcrete Spraying Machine

Model: KBS-8A Shotcrete Machin

Capacity: 3~8m3/h

Pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa

Max aggregate: 15mm



Technical Parameters:

Model KBS-8A hydraulic shotcrete machine
Max. theoretical capacity m³/h 12
Working capacity m³/h 3-8
Max. system pressure Mpa 16
Working air pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
Max. aggregate diameter mm 15
Max. theoretical vertical delivery dist mm 150
Max. theoretical horizontal delivery dist. mm 400
Total weight Kg 2600
Dimensions mm 3800*1400*1730
Main motor power KW 22
Voltage V 380
Hopper volume 0.4
Concrete slump cm 12-18
Dust concentration around mg/m³


Feeding height mm 1150
Oil tank capacity L 180
Rebound rate % ≤10


1. This machine has advanced technology, complete functions, large internal space and convenient maintenance.

2. The hydraulic system adopts the mature hydraulic valve block with sensitive and reliable valves; The main oil pump adopts a manual variable pump, which can be manually adjusted to achieve continuous adjustment of injection volume.

3. The electrical part sets a variety of automatic protection modes in the control program, which replaces the complicated relay circuit, featuring the simplest operation, lowest failure rate and highest reliability.

4. Glasses plate and cutting ring (with automatic compensation device) adopts hard alloy with imported wear-resistant electrode, featuring anti-wear, small resistance, better material suction performance.

5. Large-capacity oil tank and forced air cooling with large flow rate can control the oil temperature of the system within a reasonable range, maximizing the service life of the system.

6. As for mixing system, the seal and bearing adopt a dual independent sealing structure, which can eliminate slurry leakage and reduce the possibility of damage of hydraulic motor.

7. Main lubrication points are automatically or manually lubricated, which effectively extends the service life of vulnerable parts


1. convey fine aggregate concrete and mortar for high buildings.

2. grout heat-insulated lightweight foamed cement, mortar floor heating, and self leveling for ground architecture.

3. spray plain concrete and fiber concrete in engineering construction.

4. convey and spray refractory and thermal insulation material.

5. spray afforestation soil in ecological environment construction.

6. pressure perfussion for foundation piles, backfill in overbroken tunnels, railway slope supporting, and disaster management.


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