High Cost-effective Mud Pump With Water Well Drilling Machine

High Cost-effective Mud Pump With Water Well Drilling Machine

Model: KBW50-3 mud pump

Capacity: 50 L/min

Pressure: 5.5 kw

Max aggregate: 20mm



Technical Parameters:

Main Parameters Model
  KBW50-3 KBW60-5 KBW70-8
Cylinder No.(Piece) 1 1 2
Cylinder dia.(mm) 80 80 80
Piston stroke (mm) 90 73 75
Pressure(Mpa) 3 5 8
Output capacity(m3/h) 3 3.6 4.5
Motor power(kw) 5.5 7.5 11
Input speed(r/min) 1440 1440 1460
Suction hose id.(mm) 51 51 64
Discharge hose id.(mm) 32 32 38
Max.suction height(m) 2 2 2.5
V-belt type A1880(3 groove) B1575(3 groove) B2032(4 groove)
Dimensionss (mm) 1500*550*800 1600*600*800 1200*850*900
Weight (KG) 200 180 490



1.KBW-50 mud pump is single cylinder piston type grout pump.

2.Compact structure, well sealing performance, high stability and high pressure.

3.High quality pump parts, less wearing parts, long service life, low construction cost.

4.High pump efficiency, less noise and dust, environmental operation, easy maintenance.


1.KBW-50 mud pump is widely used for cement/mortar grouting in roads, bridges, dams, national defense, mines and other construction projects. 

2.KBW-50 mud pump can be used to grout mortar in prestressed component engineering.

3.vertical and horizontal conveying of mortar in building construction.

4.cement grouting maintenance in sand land, blast furnace, cement pavement, highway and other projects.


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