How to operate the screw grouting pump


The screw grouting pump uses advanced screw pressurization technology.The pump has compact structure, dismantle and repair very easily.

1.The delivery pipeline should has firm support and to reduce bend as far as possible. All joints should connect firmly and on the pipeline shouldn’t pressurize or hang heavy goods.

2.Before working let the pump does no-load running. To check out whether the turns is correct. The transmission part, working device, charging spout and sieve are complete and reliable. Then the pump can work.

3.Before working let the pump to delivery thick lime water or lime paste into the pipeline for lubrication.(Determine the nature of the work).

4.To charging evenly and prevent accumulation, stagnation affecting the normal work.

5.When the pump is working should often force indicate for the pressure gauge. If it over the rated pressure should check out the reason and elimate the fault right now.

6.To clean the pump and the working area after the pump has been finished the work.