KCPZ Dedusting Shotcrete Machine

KCPZ Dedusting Shotcrete Machine

Model: KCPZ Dedusting Shotcrete Machine

Capacity: 5~7 m3/h

Pressure: 0.4 MPa

Max aggregate: 20 mm

Delivery pipe ID: 51/57/64 mm



Technical Parameters:

Model KCPZ Dedusting Shotcrete Machine
Capacity 5~7m3/h
Delivery distance 100m/30m (horizontal/vertical)
Max. aggregate size ≤20mm
Conveying pipe ID. φ51mm
Rated working pressure 0.4MPa
Air consumption ≤8m3/min
Feeding height 1.1m
Rebound rate ≤20%
Dust concentration ≤15mg/ m3
Rotor speed 11r/min
Main motor power 5.5 kW /7.5 kW
Auxiliary motor power 1.1kW
Main motor speed 960r/min
Voltage 380V (Customized)
Dimensions (Length*width*height) 2150×900×1750 mm

(including accelerator adding device)

2150×900×1470 mm

(excluding accelerator adding device)

Total weight 760 Kg


  1. KCPZ Dedusting Shotcrete Machine obtains the Invention Patent and Utility Model Patent. The machine structure and spraying nozzle have new designs.
  2. New environmental shotcrete machine, less environmental pollution (less than 90% of dust pollution of traditional machine), less harm to workers’ health.
  3. New spraying nozzle device, even concrete mix, low rebound rate.
  4. Adding accelerator automatically and evenly, saving labor.
  5. Compact machine structure, simple operation, suitable for concrete operation in narrow space.


  1. Collection and exhaust device of leaked air of hopper, rotor liner plates, reducing the dust leakage.
  2. New dust removal technology and filter material, with good filtering effect and long service life.
  3. Drawer-type dust container, convenient to clean.
  4. Spraying nozzle system with multiple circular water adding device, ensuring even mixing.
  5. Accelerator added by vibration, ensuring micro adjustment and proper adding ratio.



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