KGJ Grout Making Machine

KGJ Grout Making Machine

Model: KGJ Grout Making Machine

Capacity: 150~900 L

Max aggregate: 2-5mm



Technical Parameters:

Items KGJ400 KGJ600 KGJ900 KGJ150-320 KGJ250-700 KMJ900 KMJ900A
Mixing barrel volume 400L 600L 900L 150 L 250 L 900 900
Storage barrel volume 320 L 700 L
Mixer speed 960r/min 960r/min 960r/min 1440 r/min 1440 r/min 50r/min 50r/min
Agitator speed 33 r/min 33 r/min
Mixer motor 4kW 5.5kW 5.5/7.5kW 3kw 5.5 kW 3kW 3kW
Agitator motor 1.5kw 1.5 kW
Suitable material


Cement or other materials suitable for high speed mixing Cement Cement, mortar



1.High grout making speed, high efficiency, large volume, suitable for all kinds of grouting projects.

2.The machine adopts turbo pump to make grout, and high-speed centrifugal mixer to ensure uniform mixing and no precipitation.

3.The motor adopts vertical installation with well sealing effect and low failure rate.

4.Simple structure, no wearing parts, easy maintenance.


1.The machine is mainly used to make cement grout.

2.It can be equipped with grout pump and used for tunnel excavation and maintenance, mining well engineering, dam construction, foundation treatment of big bridges and high building, and pressure grouting of all kinds of underground constructions.


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