KRT Plastering Machine

KRT Plastering Machine

Model: KRT Plastering Machine

Capacity: 50 L/min

Pressure: 3 MPa

Max aggregate: 4 mm



Technical Parameters:

Capacity 50L/min
Rated working pressure 3MPa
Total power 7.0kW
Main motor 4.0kW
Squeeze hose ID. 38mm
Spraying dist. 30m
Hopper volume 50L
Conveying hose ID. 38mm
Air hose ID. 13mm
Dimensions 1800x1900x1110mm
Weight 400kg


  1. KRT Plastering Machine is a hose type wet plastering equipment.
  2. KRTPlastering Machine is composed of a hose pump, hopper, electric motor, and air compressor.
  3. Small size and light weight,  flexible movement, convenient operation and maintenance.
  4. Low noise, high pressure, high capacity, high efficiency, reliable performance, long service life.


  1. KRT Plastering Machine is a new developed multi-functional plastering equipment.
  2. KRT Plastering Machine is widely used to pump and spray ready-mixed mortar material, such as cement mortar, lime plaster, gypsum plaster, masonry mortar.
  3. KRT Plastering Machine can be used to plaster fluid materials, such as thermal insulation material of walls, refractory material, fire-proof material, water-proof material, acoustic material etc.


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