KPC-80 Shotcrete Robot

KPC-80 Shotcrete Robot

Model: KPC-80 shotcrete robot

Capacity: 3~9 m3/h

Max aggregate: 20mm

Delivery pipe ID: 51/57/64mm



Technical Parameters:

Basic items Unit Parameters
Whole machine Total weight kg 4000
Dimensions in transport mode (L*W*H) mm 4500*1080*2200
Required width for shotcrete arm retraction m 4.1
Outrigger expansion width m 2.5
Boom and spray nozzle Equipped shotcrete machine capacity m3/h 5-15
Maximum spraying height m 8
Maximum spraying width m 11
Maximum working height m 7.1
Maximum boom expansion length (with spray nozzle) m 6.1
Boom frame telescopic distance m 2.6
Boom rotation angle ° Left 90, right 270
Boom elevation angle ° 60°/-30°
Working angle of vertical swing cylinder ° 360°
Working angle of axle swing cylinder ° 240°
Spraying hose ID. mm 51,57,64
Travelling mechanism Walking mode Crawler type :Hydraulic motor + reducer
Walking speed km/h 0.7-1.5
Maximum gradient of walking (%) 20
Width of crawler mm 250
Wheel base mm 1317
Ground clearance mm 390 mm
Ground pressure MPa 0.006
Hydraulic system Hydraulic oil pump type Load sensing plunger pump
Hydraulic oil pump capacity ml/r 28
Maximum working pressure MPa 21
Boom multi-way valve type (anti-explosion) electro-hydraulic proportional multi-way valve
Oil tanl volume L 200
Electrical system Motor type YBK3-160M-4, 11KW
Rated voltage V 660/1140
Mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe vehicle-mounted wireless receiver FWS40
Mining intrinsically safe remote transmitter FYF40


1. KPC-80 Shotcrete robot is suitable for spraying dry concrete, wet concrete or wet and dry mixture.

2. It adopts independent hydraulic drive and 4 hydraulic legs, which greatly improves the stability of the equipment during the spray process.

3. It adopts explosion-proof electrical design, which makes it acceptable in underground coal mine.

4, It is equipped with unique protective cover, which can protect the robot arm.


1. KPC-80 Shotcrete robot is an ideal equipment for any working space, even in narrow tunnel construction.

2. It is widely applied in mining well, railway, hydropower station, urban construction and other engineering constructions.

3. It can be used for slope stability (slope stability), excavation and support, shotcrete support of small vertical shaft in tunnel, coal mine or power station construction.


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