New Shotcrete Machine Gunite Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine with Air Motor

New Shotcrete Machine Gunite Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine with Air Motor

Model: KPZ-7A Shotcrete Machine

Capacity: 7 m3/h

Pressure: 0.6Mpa

Max aggregate: 20mm



Technical Parameters:

Model KPZ-7A Pneumatic Shotcrete Machine
Capacity 5.5-6.5 m3/h
Max. conveying dist. ≤150 m
Water-cement ratio ≤0.35
Max. aggregate size 20 mm
Delivery hose ID. φ51/57 mm
Working pressure 0.2-0.6 MPa
Air consumption 9 m3/min
Air consumption of air motor 8 m3/min
Dimensions(Length×width×height) 1520×850×1350 mm
Total weight 950 kg


1.KPZ Series Dry Shotcrete Machine include Electric Shotcrete Machine (KPZ-3, KPZ-4, KPZ-5, KPZ-7, KPZ-9, KCPZ), Pneumatic Shotcrete Machine (KPZ-3A, KPZ-4A, KPZ-5A, KPZ-7A, KPZ-9A), Diesel Engine Shotcrete Machine (KPZ-3D, KPZ-4D, KPZ-5D, KPZ-7D, KPZ-9D), and Mining Shotcrete Machine (PC5I, PS6I-J).

2. KPZ-7A Pneumatic Shotcrete Machine are consisted of driving device, rotor assembly, air system, concrete spraying system, air motor etc.

3. KPZ-7A Pneumatic Shotcrete Machine have advanced technology, rational structure, convenient operation, stable performance and long service life.


1.KPZ-7A Pneumatic Shotcrete Machine can be used for dry or half wet concrete spray construction.

2.KPZ-7A Pneumatic Shotcrete Machine are widely used in the tunnel, culvert, subway, slope reinforcement, hydroelectric works, underground works and high-methane laneway of coal mine etc.


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