The maintenance about KBW grout pump


KBW grout pump

The grout pump has many moving parts. In order to ensure the pump can work normally, the following matters must be noticed:

1.Check regularly whether all moving parts are lubricated well. Add sufficient pure lubricant as the standard brand.

2.During the normal working, working pressure should not exceed 80% rated pressure. The lasting time of max working pressure should not exceed 1 hour. Check the working reliability of relief valve.

3.The input speed should be not higher than 500r/min.

4.Check whether the pump makes abnormal noise at work.

5.Ensure the cylinder sleeve and piston are sealed well. If flushing fluid leaks, tighten the nut M30×l.5GBl007-67 or replace a new piston.

6.When change the speed, ensure the belt pulley is under idling condition.

7.Keep the friction clutch away from the oil and slurry. Ensure no slide between friction plate and pressing plate when closing the clutch, and no friction when opening the clutch to make it under normal working condition.

8.Ensure the suction pipe fittings are sealed well to prevent air cavity generating and air entering. Otherwise, the volume efficiency of grout pump will decrease.

9.Water filter should be immersed in 0.2m underneath the water pond surface and keep 0.3m far from the pond bottom and walls. It is suggested to equip a basket near the pipe inlet to avoid sand or other matters in.

10.Pay attention to the water surface of water pond. If the surface is lower, add flushing fluid in time.

11.Keep the grout pump clean to protect the pump body, clutch and moving parts from slurry.

12.Pay attention to the tension condition of belt pulley and adjust it in time.