Wet concrete shotcrete machine features


wet concrete shotcrete machine

wet concrete shotcrete machine

Main technical data:

Item Unit Technical parameter Remarks
Capacity m³/h 5-7
Maximum transport distance(horizontal/vertical) m 70/20
Mixture water-cement ratio >0.3
Feed pipe inner diameter mm Ф51
Maximum aggregate particle mm ≤20
Compressed air consumption m³/min ≤10
Working pressure Mpa 0.2-0.5
System pressure Mpa ≥0.5
Powdered accelerator % 3-7
Motor kw 5.5/7.5 Concrete machine
kw 5.5/5.5 Screw feeding
Voltage grade v 380/660v or 660/1140v
Equipment gauge mm 600/900
Dimension(Length x Width x Height) mm 2930x1152x1620
Weight kg 1250


1.Set ingredients, stir, spray in one, high degree of automation, reduce labor intensity.

2.Automatic proportioning, accurate proportioning.

3.Greatly reduce the dust in the field and improve the working environment.

4.Automatic adding of powdered accelerator to save labor cost.

5.Low springback and high intensity of shotcrete surface.

6.Compact equipment, simple operation, reliable performance and convenient cleaning.