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Beijing in October Blooms the Style of Keming


On October 25, the 20th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition with the theme of "Intelligent Leading the Future, Green Shared Development" was held in Beijing. The scale of this exhibition is unprecedented, with nearly 1,000 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors participating. The purpose of the exhibition is to introduce advanced overseas technology and equipment, help domestic coal machinery equipment go abroad, promote the progress of my country's coal science and technology and expand exchanges and integration with the same industry.

In this exhibition, Henan Coal Science Research Institute Keming Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. brought our intelligent coal mine shotcrete support equipment to the exhibition.

The four products are:

CPF-60LY Mining concrete auxiliary spray truck

PYS7IL-J Mining long-distance concrete spraying machine

WPZ-7.5/200LMining tunnel (bass drum) repair machine

PQS2I-J/PS21-J Thin spray new material spray machine

Our booth was very popular, attracting relevant industry experts, new and old customers to stop by. They listened to the introduction of our products by our professional and technical personnel and watched the live demonstration of the products.

Customers visit PQS2I-J/PS21-J thin spray new material spray machine

Customers visit WPZ-7.5/200L mining tunnel (bottom drum) repair machine

Customers visit CPF-60LY mining concrete auxiliary spray truck

Customers visit PYS7IL-J mining long-distance concrete spraying machine

At the site, our team used professional knowledge and good attitude to communicate enthusiastically with every visiting customer, winning unanimous praise from visitors for our products, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with some customers on site.

Since its establishment, Keming Company has been deeply involved in the field of coal shotcrete support. The equipment we developed has solved customers' shotcrete support problems. The products are sold in more than 20 countries and regions at home and abroad.

In recent years, our company has closely followed the industry development trends and changes in customer needs, and is committed to transforming its products in the direction of mechanization, electrification, and intelligence, focusing on the continuous upgrading and transformation of products, and bringing better quality to the coal shotcrete support industry. Many innovations and breakthroughs.

This exhibition is a concentrated display of Keming's development achievements in recent years. The exhibition has come to an end, but Keming's progress will not stop. We will never forget the journey we came from, and pursue our dreams and pursue our future.

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