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Keming Escorts Huarong Energy—Reforming Tunneling Support Technology


On October 20, more than 70 people from 5 production centers and 20 coal mines under Huarong Energy participated in the "Huarong Energy Company Rapid Tunneling Technology Work Exchange Meeting" at the Jingang Coal Mine, aiming to learn more about the new tunneling support equipment - I The use of the PYC6I new long-distance concrete spraying machine produced by our company on site. Party committee members and deputy general managers who presided over the management work of Huarong Energy Company attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Relevant personnel from the Production Technology Department, Mechanical and Electrical Transportation Department, Technology Center and General Department of Huarong Energy Company, the chief engineer or deputy production manager of each safety management center, the person in charge of the pipe excavation business or electromechanical business of the production technology department, the chief engineer or production mine of each coal mine The meeting was attended by the director, deputy chief engineer of mining or head of the production technology department, and general manager of Keming Company.

Observation of on-site shotcrete underground

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the participants were divided into two groups and went to the pedestrian downhill area of the underground-211 mining area to observe the equipment's shotcrete conditions on site. They learned in detail about the structure, performance, construction technology, etc. of the equipment, and had in-depth exchanges on the use of each system of the equipment, daily maintenance, etc.

Summary meeting site

In the afternoon, an observation summary meeting was held. At the meeting, the director of Jingang Coal Mine introduced in detail the use and equipment advantages of our company's PYC6I new long-distance concrete spraying machine. Leaders from each center and mine participated in the meeting and gave speeches. They agreed that our new PYC6I long-distance concrete spraying machine has high safety performance, high degree of mechanization, long transportation distance, small rebound, less on-site dust and easy operation, which can improve production efficiency. .

Finally, the deputy general manager and production director of Huarong Energy requested that all mines should improve the excavation work, increase investment in new excavation equipment, and make every effort to promote the use of the PYC6I new long-distance concrete spraying machine.

Product advantages

The PYC6I new long-distance concrete spraying machine is a special equipment for pneumatic conveying of concrete in coal mine construction. This equipment has the characteristics of high safety performance, high degree of mechanization, long conveying distance, low rebound rate, and low on-site dust concentration. It can improve the efficiency of mine excavation. Production efficiency and safety are the main products developed by our company in recent years and are widely used in major domestic coal mines and have been well received by many customers. In the future, our company will continue to work hard, continue to explore in the direction of product intelligence, and provide more high-quality products to new and old customers.

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