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Shotcrete Truck

  • Model: KPC-16A
  • Total length: 7850mm
  • Total width: 2460mm
  • Total height: 3380mm


It adopts crawler walking to adapt to the complex working environment of mine tunnels.

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Product Overview

The intelligent concrete wet spraying trolley adopts the concrete wet spraying process, which will greatly reduce dust emissions, reduce occupational hazards, improve support strength, and reduce raw material consumption. It is in line with the national industrial policy of automation, intelligence, high efficiency and low consumption for the mining industry. With the assistance of the spraying robot arm, a large amount of concrete spraying operations can be achieved. Motor start and stop, pumping start and stop, pumping speed, quick-setting agent pump speed, injection air volume adjustment, injection robot arm movement, chassis walking and other functions can all be realized through remote control operation. The key hydraulic components are imported products; they have the characteristics of high degree of automation, stable performance, low consumption of wearing parts, and low cost of use.


The spraying is continuous and adjustable,High quality, high working efficiency.
The water ash ratio is much easier to control and concrete coefficient is high, it can greatly improve the concrete quality and increase the concrete uniformity.
Hydraulic pumping method, high system reliability, stable delivery volume. It is extensively used for concrete spraying, filling, grouting, pumping in construction projects.
The main oil pump adopts a variable displacement plunger pump, and the injection speed can be adjusted freely (the maximum number of adjustments is not more than 10 times/min.).
The concrete accelerator quantity can be continuously adjustable according to the amount of spraying.
Automatic lubrication system, Automatic controlled lubrication for main sealed parts, grease filling amount and filling time.
Equipped With Wired Or Wireless Remote Controller, Easy To Operate.

Technical Parameters

Whole machineModelKPC-16A
Total length7850mm
Total width2460mm
Total height3380mm
Rated weight16T
Maximum working height16m
Maximum working width24m
Maximum aggregate particle size≤25mm
Boom & support legsBoom structure2 sections of telescopic boom
Retraction length 4.6m
Boom rotation angle300°
Swing angle of spray nozzle360°
Control typeFull remote control
Driving modeDiesel engine, or electric motor
Pumping systemDriving modeElectric motor
Motor rated power55KW
Motor voltage380V
Hopper volume0.4m³
Concrete delivery capacity30m³/h
Inner diameter of delivery cylinderФ160mm
Effective stroke of delivery cylinder1000mm
Concrete discharge pressure10Mpa
Max. theoretical capacity of accelerator pump9L/min
Max. theoretical discharge pressure of accelerator pump1.8Mpa
Delivery pipe diameterФ125-Φ80mm, reducer pipe
Spray nozzle diameterФ50mm
Truck chassisDiesel engine4105 turbocharged diesel engine
Engine power96~115KW
Wheel base5100mm
Front axle wheel base1940mm
Rear axle wheel base1860mm
Tyre1000 steel wire tyre
Fuel tank volumeMore than 160L

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