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Water Silo Clearance Machine

  • Items: Solution 1/2/3
  • Capacity: 0-20/0-30/0-50
  • Delivery distance: ≤200/≤500/≤1000
  • Walking method: Tracked type


Mainly used for the cleaning of coal sludge in coal mine underground water silos, which can effectively improve the clearance efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and ensure safe operation.

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Product Overview

Mine clearance machine and complete sets of equipment are mainly used for the cleaning of coal sludge in coal mine underground water silos, which can effectively improve the clearance efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and ensure safe operation, which is an important link to realize safe and civilized production in coal mines, and lays the foundation for the realization of intelligent mines. The clearance machine and complete set of equipment for coal mine are mainly composed of four parts: the main machine of the clearance, the coarse mixing device, the pressure pump, and the multi-functional filter press, and different combinations can be realized according to the specific conditions of the coal mine. The main engine of the clearance machine is equipped with a crawler chassis for easy movement in the tank. The front-end aggregate screw (with the assistance of the digging arm) scatters and mixes the slime deposited in the water tank, collects and transports it to the coarse mixing device through the pumping system, and the slime water after removing large particles is stirred and pumped to the multi-function filter press by pressurization, and the filtered water enters the drainage system after pressurization and pressure holding; The pressed briquettes are transported to mine carts, rubber wheelers or belt conveyors.


Modular design, optimized combination according to site conditions, simple operation and convenient maintenance;
Replace manual excavation, effectively reduce the number of operators, reduce labor intensity, short time, high work efficiency, shorten the clearance period, and improve the safety factor of operation;
The warehouse clearer can be configured according to the on-site slime concentration, particle size, conveying distance requirements, etc., and has strong adaptability to on-site working conditions;
The collecting screw of the clearance machine is equipped with an extended joint, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the width of the water tank;
Long-distance conveying adopts piston pumping technology, fast reversing speed, high efficiency, good sealing, and realizes the continuous transportation of slime in underground water silos. The plunger concrete cylinder pump has a reverse pump function to minimize the pipe blocking failure;
Optional auxiliary structure of digging arm, suitable for cleaning the thick slime of the water tank, avoiding the hidden danger of coal slime collapse and effectively protecting the safety of operators;
Dewatering has a variety of options such as press filtration, vibrating screen solid-liquid separation to better meet user needs;
Crawler walking mechanism, easy to move, strong climbing ability;
The complete set of equipment has a high degree of automation, which can realize the continuous operation of aggregate, transportation, filtration press and transfer;
Optional manual operation or remote control operation.

Technical Parameters

ItemsSolution 1Solution 2Solution 3
Delivery distance(m)≤200≤500≤1000
Walking methodTracked typeTracked typeTracked type
Walking speed(m/min)141414
Aggregate helix width(mm)13001300-20001300-3700
Aggregate lifting height(mm)0-5000-5000-500
Feeding methodspiral--
Pumping methodHose pump--
 Slurry pump--
 Piston pump--
Rated power(kw)451155
Rated voltage(V)660/1140660/1140660/1140
Automatic lubrication
Gas alarm
Cut-out armsooo
Remote controlooo
Coarse mixing deviceooo
Pressurized pumpooo
Multifunctional filter pressooo
Transfer belt machineooo
Note: ● represents the configuration of this function, - means no function, o means optional function.

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